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ZDnet : Digital upgrade : VHS Internet also works with airwaves

Source : ZDnet 25/06/2018

Networks : 4G box offers and THD Radio (Very High Speed Hertzian Internet) enable pro and private customers to get very high speed wireless internet connection where fiber will be long to arrive or when the DSL is weak. But beware of the differences.

Alongside a very powerful wired broadband infrastructure, unfortunately not available yet for the entire territory, operators have developed 4G box services and radio THD to offer customers an alternative to foptic fibre.


4G boxes are particularly suited for the needs of companies located in areas without optical fiber network or poorly served in DSL. They are also a good technical answer for the entities dispersed on the territory and the worksites.
Alongside these 4G box offers, another solution exists: the THD radio or TD-LTE. This technology is based on a dedicated 4G network for internet access only. "The customer subscribes to an offer from his operator. Then he receives an antenna that is installed on his roof. Once the antenna deployed associated with our transmitter, the signal reaches its destination, "said Sébastien Lengrai, director of technical customer service at Covage infrastructure operator.

This approach is different from the "4G GSM dedicated to fixed internet" as it is now proposed by BouyguesTel, SFR with their 4G box. "These operators exploit a mobile and shared technology based on their excess capacity, so the data rates will be low or even limited in data," explained Philippe Le Grand, Vice President of NomoTech, a player positioned on the THD radio. "We think these offers will struggle to take because of their constraints."

The TD / LTE radio local loop is natively fixed and relies on a dedicated network, with dedicated sites, which makes all the difference especially in terms of stable data rates. But for this solution becomes generalized, it is necessary to release frequencies. This is now done since the Government and ARCEP have opened a window for the allocation of the frequency band 3410-3460 MHz.



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