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About us

Our engagements

Nomotech group has built its development by respecting strong values.


Whether they are representatives of local authorities or operators, our customers testify on our transparency. We provide access to very specific and up-to-date information regarding network life, operational difficulties and solutions. We strive to maintain healthy and objective relationships with our customers and partners.


Part of our success is due to our openness and adaptability. We do not impose a model, we adapt as much as possible our customers wishes. In the history of Nomotech, collective adventures were born from mutual understanding.


One of Nomotech’s real strength is to be able to respond to high challenges that could seem out of reach. Even with our strong growth, we stay focused on maintaining the efficiency that allows us to succeed where others would not have met ambitious deadlines or responded to emergency situations.


During all the years of our development, we have highly invested in both technical and human resources to continuously acquire new personal and professional competences. Accompanied by the Bpifrance (the French Public Investment Bank and ECA), we managed to evolve from the craftsman stage to the industrialist stage. We have established ourselves as the undisputed leader Internet by Hertzian technology for public initiatives. We strive to meet the expectations of public administrations, businesses and individuals.

Key figures

With about thirty engineers dedicated to the design and operation of telecom networks, our company is specialized in Public Initiative Networks.

  • 15 years experience in telecom industry
  • 2,000 operated base stations
  • 25,000 equipment supervised in dozens of French departments
  • 9 Internet Providers operate in our networks
  • 30 French departments covered
  • More than 1 municipality in 7 is covered by our networks in France

Missions and expertise

Nomotech expertise

NomoTech SAS and its overall group, has acquired all the necessary expertise for the study, construction, supervision and management of wireless telecommunication networks.

First alternative network operator in France

NomoTech relies on all its technological partners to meet all needs in terms of digital uses. Global coverage of a territory and Quality of Service (QoS) as well as centralized supervision, allow us to provide a service of same quality as an operator operating a wired network.

Nomotech takes care of all steps necessary for a network deployment and its implementation project :

  • Network dimensioning studies
  • Research and negotiation for accommodation of base stations
  • Support and administrative management of deployment and exploitation contracts
  • Optic Fiber network connection and bulk debit purchase from international cable operators
  • Global telecom engineering of network: coverage mapping, frequency planning, tests, data and voice flow management, national Fiber Channel management (optical fiber, xdsl, hertzian beam with or without dedicated licences)
  • Networks building, deployment and activation: installation of base stations, activation, adjustments
  • Supervision procedures and material, from backbone to base station and CPE (Costumer Permises Equipment)
  • Network supervision: 24-hour control of the national network core
  • Hardware & software maintenance and upgrades: intervention according to infrastructure constraints to maintain quality and constant service on networks
  • Marketing assistance to Internet Access Providers.

The originality of the NomoTech offer is to enable a rapid deployment, supported by a recognized experience in the implementation and management of Hertzian base stations, and based on a powerful, innovative and competitive technology.

Concession Department

Composed of territorial managers dedicated to the support and animation of the projects, our concession division ensure :

  • A contractual and economic model adapted to your specificities: support in setting up your deployment and exploitation contract
  • Increased industrialization with production costs control
  • An industrial model: piloting industrial partners to adapt the project to the territorial context.

Engineering Design Department

Our teams have the best skills geographical information modeling. After a detailed analysis of your needs, the 3D topographic study will determine the best sites for diffusion and the best network in terms of coverage and budget.

Engineering Department

  • The engineering department carries out studies and designs of new technologies and infrastructures.
  • Each of the experts is actively involved in the definition and implementation of advanced network architectures and hosted services.
  • Our engineers are specialists in Networks, System and Storage, Security, Radio Technologies.

Network Operations Center

  • Operations experts guarantee are responsible for monitoring the quality as well as the activity they coordinate all actions and intervention necessary in order to ensure the smooth running of the network.
  • Account managers communicate with our clients: performance indicators related to contractual service levels. A close relationship is ensured with the various customers and internal services.