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Leading partner in development of Very High Speed hertzian technologies

Regional digital developer

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NomoTech is the leader of LTE technology and one the principal actor of the FIRIP

Nomotech is a founding member of the FIRIP (Fédération des Industriels des Réseaux d'Initiative Publique, Federation of Public Initiative Networks Industrials) and a worlwide referent of LTE technology. Nomotech developed a new concept of 4G technology.

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Our local authoritie realized the great competence and expertise of Nomotech, the know-how developed and its capacities of innovation and flexibility at the service of general public and territories even if it concerns a difficult geographic area.

Didier Druon

Digital development responsible, Meurthe et Moselle department

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Nomotech Group

Nomotech Group is a telecom operator created at 2003 and a specialist of radio technologies in France and abroad. With a workforce of 200 and an annual sales revenue of 32 million euros, the company is experiencing a strong year-over-year growth for more than 12 years. As part of public initiative networks or its own investissments, Nomotech deployed more than 3000 radio stations in France to cover rural areas and upgrading bandwidth. The company cover today more than 5000 cities in France. Nomotech group manage today a radio network in a dozen different countries and exports its know-how in four continents. The group has 6 subsidiaries specialists of telecom in France and abroad : Nomotech, Ozone, Nomosphere, Nomosense, Infratel and Luxnetwork.

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